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*CAD Lab becomes partner in EU MUPROD Project

JUNE 2012: The CAD & LCE Laboratory in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion has become a partner in the MUPROD project, within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

MUPROD is an innovative quality control system to prevent the generation and the propagation of defects even before they generate manifest nonconformance

The project aims at developing an innovative Quality Control System that will drastically change the current concept of End of Line quality control, going beyond established methodologies such as Six-sigma and SPC. It will prevent the generation of defects within the process at the single-stage level and the propagation of defects between processes at the multi-stage system level. Application domains will include emerging strategic European sectors such as the production of electrical engines for sustainable mobility, large-part manufacturing for the wind power sector and the production of customized micro-intravascular catheters as high value medical products for the aging society.

The CAD & LCE Laboratory takes pride in joining the truly innovative vision of a manufacturing process that can be made free of defects by detecting and intervening on the defect root causes even before they generate manifest nonconformance. The Laboratory is responsible for developing new integrative and innovative techniques for integrating multi-scale, multi-resolution data provided by different sensors by means of data fusion methods that reconstruct 3D geometric models from the sampled data while utilizing multi-sensor technologies. To this end, hierarchical models and artificial cognitive systems will be developed that will represent the information provided by each sensor and by the network that controls the relations among the different sensors. The task’s ultimate goal is to demonstrate the advantages of applying data fusion on multi-sensor rather than on single-sensor data.

The CAD Laboratory will also be involved with  identifying and developing synergetic process data gathering sensors and innovative inspection techniques for product inspection; developing monitoring and prognosis models based on different data analysis techniques (statistical, and cognitive systems) and predictive models at different levels (fixturing, process/machine, R&M, production, etc.); and disseminating the knowledge generated within the project. Activities such as workshops and seminars will be coordinated with the partners, and academic output of the project will be planned and monitored.

We are excited to be joining forces with the prestigious academic institutions, innovation centers and corporations partnering in the MUPROD Project.

Information on the MUPROD Project is available at