Prof. Anath Fischer

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Phone: +972-4-829-3260
Room: 361, LD



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Home ::

I am a professor in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion.

I received my B.Sc. (1985) in Computer Science and my M.Sc. (1987) and Ph.D. (1992) in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion. From 1992 to 1994, I was a postdoctoral associate in the Injection Molding Program, Dep. of Mechanical Eng., Cornell University, USA. I have been a member of the academic faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1994.

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Research ::

My main research interests have focused on geometric modeling for CAD/CAM, physical-based systems, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. Today I have begun focusing my interests on the emerging field of Engineering Oriented Geometry (EOG), which comprises new and extended geometric modeling methods that are directly related to the common inherent engineering attributes of design, manufacturing and analysis. In effect, EOG can be viewed as an extension of geometric modeling for engineering design (CAD). Its applications, however, are much broader than those of geometric modeling, and even more importantly, its view of the topic is holistic. Within this broad field I focus on two specific areas: I) shape reconstruction of scanned data, and II) geometric modeling for analysis.



I have taught the following courses at the Technion:

  • Computational Geometry I (graduate course)
  • Computational Geometry II (graduate course)
  • CAD Systems I (undergraduate course)
  • CAD Projects (undergraduate course)
  • Advanced CAD Laboratory (undergraduate course)
  • SciTech Projects (Technion International Summer Research Program)



Publications ::

I have published over 60 refereed papers in professional journals. Among my most recent publications are the following:

  • A. Shmukler, A. Fischer, “Verification of 3D Freeform Parts by Registration of Multi-Scale Shape Descriptors”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 49 ( 9-12), 2010, pp. 1093-1106.
  • O. Zaideman, A. Fischer, “Geometrical bone modeling: from macro to micro structures”, Journal of Computer Science and Technology (JCST), Vol. 25 (3), 2010, pp. 614-622.
  • L. Podshivalov, A. Fischer, P. Bar-Yoseph, “Multiresolution 2D Geometric Meshing for Multiscale Finite Element Analysis of Bone Micro-Structures”, Virtual and Physical Prototyping, Vol. 5 (1), 2010, pp. 33-43.
  • T. Tolio, D. Ceglarek, H.A. ElMaraghy, A. Fischer, S.J. Hu, L. Laperrière, S.T. Newman, J. Váncza, “SPECIES– Co-evolution of Products, Processes and Production Systems”, CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 59 (2), 2010, pp. 672-693.
  •  L. Podshivalov, A. Fischer, P.Z. Bar-Yoseph,“3D hierarchical geometric modeling and multiscale FE analysis as a base for individualized medical diagnosis of bone structure”, Bone, Vol. 48 (4), 2011, pp. 693-703.
  • L. Podshivalov, A. Fischer, P.Z. Bar-Yoseph, “Multi-scale FE Method for Analysis of Bone Micro-Structures”, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, Vol. 4 (6), 2011, pp. 888-899, 2011.
  • A. Fischer, invited review paper, “Engineering-Oriented Geometry (EOG) Methods for Modeling and Analyzing Scanned Data”, special issue for the 10th anniversary, Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering (JCISE), Vol. 11 (2), 2011, pp. 021002:1-10.
  •  Khokhlov, A. Fischer, D. Rittel, “Multi-Scale Stereo-Photogrammetry System for Fractographic Analysis using the Scanning Electron Microscope”, Experimental Mechanics, January 2012, (DOI) 10.1007/s11340-011-9582-0.

Lectures ::

I have given over 100 lectures at national and international conferences and workshops. Following are some of my most recent presentations:

  • A. Fischer, “Geometric Modeling of Bone Models: from Macro to Micro structures”, China-Israel Conference on “Graphics and Geometric Computing”, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, October, 2009.
  • A. Fischer, “Multi-scale modeling of large-scale porous bio-structures for analysis and manufacturing”, Bio-Manufacturing WG, CIRP conference, Paris, France, January 2011.
  • A. Fischer, “Engineering-Oriented Geometry (EOG) methods for scanning data”, Symposium on “New Frontiers in Automation”, Lombardie region, Milano, Italy, February 2011.
  • A. Fischer, “Multiscale modeling and visualization of large-scale porous structures as a base for diagnosis”, Italy-Israel Symposium on “Robotics and imaging for Medical Surgery and rehabilitation”, Milano-Como, Italy, June 2011.
  • A. Fischer, L. Podshivalov, P.-Z. Bar-Yoseph, “Physically based multiscale modeling of bone micro-structures for Patient-specific diagnosis and visualization”, Germany-Israel Umbrella Symposium on “Modeling and Simulation with emphasis on high performance computing and grid computing”, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, June 2011.
  • L. Podshivalov, A. Fischer, P. Bar-Yoseph, “Warped hexahedral meshing of an ellipsoidal inclusion for design of composite material “, International Conference on “Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping (VRAP)” , Leiria, Portugal, 2011.
  • L. Podshivalov, A. Fischer, P. Bar-Yoseph, Comparative Study of Hexahedral meshing Methods for Design and Analysis of Composite Materials, ASME ESDA Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis”, Nantes, France, July 2012.

Current Students ::

PhD Students:

  • Yehiel Lamash: Physical-based tracking system of the cardiac motion using CT images. Doctoral candidacy April 2011. Ph.D. expected October 2013.
    (Co-supervisor Dr. J. Lessick, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Stefania Pellegrinelli: Configuration and Motion Planning of Multi-Robot Manufacturing Cells for Spot Welding. Lady Davis scholarship 2012.  Ph.D. expected October 2015. (Principal supervisor Prof. T. Tolio, double degree, Politechnique di Milano, Technion)

MSc Students:

  • Cohenca Elias: Developing a Hierarchical Geometric Model for Interactive Virtual Assembly Operations.
  • Yitzhak Ben-Shabat: 3D Reconstruction and modeling by examples.
  • Liron Reuveny: Topological optimization of bone porossive micro-structures.
    (Co-supervisor – Prof. P. Bar-Yoseph)

Alumni ::

Completed PhD Degrees:

  • 2002 Pavel Kagan (Co-supervisor Prof. P. Bar-Yoseph)
  • 2002 Liat Peled (Principal supervisor Prof. M. Shpitalni)
  • 2003 Jacob Barhak
  • 2005 Dvir Steiner
  • 2006 Sergei Azernikov
  • 2009 Alex Miropolsky
  • 2011 Lev Podshivalov (Co-supervisor Prof. P. Bar-Yoseph)
  • 2013 Yaron Holdstein

Completed MScDegrees:

  • 1997 Pavel Kagan (Co-supervisor Prof. M. Shpitalni)
  • 1997 Pavel Gurvich
  • 1998 Alexander Smolin
  • 1999 Ariel Manor
  • 1999 Daniel Glozman (Principal supervisor Prof. M. Shoham)
  • 2000 Ivgeny Smoler
  • 2002 Boris Lipshitz
  • 2005 Yoseph Arbel
  • 2006 Lev Podshivalov
  • 2006 Gustavo Halperin
  • 2006 Fabricio Fishkel
  • 2006 Yaron Holdstein
  • 2006 Dan Samak (Co-supervisor Prof. D. Rittel)
  • 2008 Oded Zaideman
  • 2010 Alex Shmukler
  • 2012 Maxim Khokhlov
  • 2012 Tansky Dmitry
  • 2012 Joseph Dall’Aglio (Principal Supervisor Prof. E. Zappa, Politechnique di Milano)

Completed ME Degrees:

  • 1999 Einav Kiperman
  • 2003 Tamar Weinstock (Principal supervisor Prof. M. Redlich)