CAD Systems 1 035003

Course lecturer: Prof. Anath Fischer
Course description: CAD systems related topics include:
*  3D models visualization
*  Geometric manipulations – homogeneous and projection transformations
*  Colors and textures
*  3D models simulation
*  Geometric representations of surface and volumetric models
*  3D models Multi-resolution methods
*  Rapid Prototyping & Reverse Engineering


Computational Geometry 1 036020

Course lecturer: Prof. Anath Fischer
Course description:  2D and 3D curves and surfaces equations.
Main topics:
*  Conic sections representation and modeling (liming, interpolation)
*  Hidden curves – offset and envelop curves
*  FRENET-SERRET equations
*  Complex 3D parametric curve and surface design
*  Bezier, Ferguson, Spline representations
*  COON patches


Computational Geometry 2 036045

Course lecturer: Prof. Anath Fischer
Course description: Studied topics in the areas of design for production of curves and surfaces based on parametric and polynomial representation: B-Splines, Nurbs.
Interpolation methods for curves and surfaces:
* Matching composite surfaces
* manipulating surface order
* surface boolean operations


CAD/CAM annual project 034379

Course supervisors: Prof. Anath Fischer , Ronit Schneor
Course description: Research and development in the area of CAD technologies based on innovative topics that are integrated with the requirements of academia and industry.