Welcome to the Laboratory for CAD & Lifecycle Engineering in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion. Since Prof. Moshe Shpitalni founded the laboratory in 1983, our activities have focused on teaching and research in the expanding field of computerized design. In the early 2000s we extended our research focus to include the emerging field of knowledge management as it relates to the entire product lifecycle.


Since the laboratory’s inception, we have contributed to enhancing engineering education at the Technion by providing students with theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience in the field of computerized design, particularly as implemented in mechanical engineering. The laboratory offers courses in interactive computer graphics, individual CAD/CAM software packages and computational geometry, as well as special projects in the field of CAD/CAM.

Basic Research

Our research program focuses on computer graphics, CAD/CAM and their applications, with major emphasis on manufacturing and assembly, geometrical modeling and its applications to design, process planning, reverse engineering and man-machine interfaces. Our graduate students have investigated topics such as the reconstruction of a 3D model from a single 2D sketch, object reconstruction, surface design with geometrical and physical constraints, and dedicated sketches for sheet metal design.

Today our research is expanding in two new directions. One is the emerging field of Engineering Oriented Geometry (EOG), which comprises new and extended geometric modeling methods directly related to the common inherent engineering attributes of design, manufacturing and analysis. In effect, EOG can be viewed as an extension of geometric modeling for engineering design. Due to its holistic approach, its applications are much broader than those of geometric modeling and include biomechanics and biomedical applications.

Our second new research direction is in the field of knowledge management, particularly in applications involving PLM and product life cycle, knowledge-based manufacturing, geometrical modeling and its applications to the different life cycle stages, and advanced knowledge management development and applications.

Funded Research

In addition to our basic research in CAD and lifecycle engineering, we seek to collaborate with industry and with national and international organizations. Our funded research projects are based on joint development from the idea stage to one of the following stages: feasibility studies, prototype development, commercial product development, system development. Our collaborative research is supported by our advanced graphic hardware and programming tools as well as our outstanding staff comprising investigators and engineers from the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and computer science. The integration of these areas insures that our research and development are on the high level demanded by industry.