CAD/CAM Annual Project

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Bezier surface reconstruction from point cloud of a forearm stump

The proposed method will be integrated in the E Nable project that is lead by a nonprofit¬† organization that manufactures fitted prostheses for people from developing countries. Read more…

A comparison between CAD model and an object Scanned by a 3D Camera

Utilizing augmented reality techniques to visualize the spacial comparison between a CAD model and a corresponding produced model.¬†Read more…

Topology Optimization of 3 D Printed Metal Parts

Developing an efficient method for Topology Optimization of a 3D printed metal part. The optimization of the model proposed an effective material removal policy taking into consideration optimal 3D metal printing. Read more…


Topological optimization of 2.5 dimensional objects 3D printing oriented

Topology optimization of CAD models oriented to 3D printing. Read more…

Shape Modeling and Mechanical Analysis of Bio-degradable Scaffolds for Bone Implants

Recent developments in the field of tissue engineering have been focused on the design and implementation of bio-degradable scaffolds for bone implants and their absorption in the bone.


3D objects classification in points cloud based on deep network trained with synthetic data set

classifying 3D objects represented as points cloud. Classification is done using deep networks (AlexNet) trained on different image data sets. Synthetic data sets were created and tagged according to several image characteristics such as size, orientation, texture, background, lighting. Read more…


Simulation of a Guided Articulated Needle in a Porous Structure

Articulated needle device can be used in applications such as redundant material removal from cavities in 3D printed mechanical parts, and substance transfer (e.g. drugs) into difficult to reach areas in the human body. Read more…

Design for Metal Additive Manufacturing of a Bicycle Truss

The project focuses on DFM (Design For Manufacturing) suggested optimization for metallic 3D printing of bicycle truss, so the final construction would be simple, efficient, and will require no professional hardware for post processing of the printed parts or for their assembly. Read more…

CompareIT – interactive system for CAD vs. Scan spacial comparison

Production QA is a crucial process in the production pipeline. We introduce an interactive tool that compares the designed product model (CAD) and the produced product (scan) to serve as part of the QA process. Read more…